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  1. The three phase inverter DC model promises high current density as well as welding strength.
  2. Transverse and longitudinal seam welders are integrated; The integration performs seam weld respectively, without the need to rotate workpieces.
  3. The roll spot and continuous seam weld are included in a simple setting step.
  4. Length of the roll spot can be adjusted according to customers' need.
  5. Both servo motor control system and inverter motor are available.
Model Transverse Longitudinal
Capacity 180kVA, 2 transformers 180kVA, 2 transformers
Voltage 380V, 50Hz, Three Phase AC input 380V, 50Hz, Three Phase AC input
Max Short-circuit current 20,000A 20,000A
Duty Cycle 50% 50%
Weld Pressure 600kg 600kg
Throat length 1200mm 1200mm
Wheel Diameter 300mm, 12mm thickness 300mm, 12mm thickness
Knurling Drive Equipped Not equipped
Seam Weld Speed 0.9M~1.6M/ Min 0.9M~1.6M/ Min

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