Industrial Construction

  1. 1500 KVA Semi Automatic Grating Welding Machine

    The heavy duty 1500 KVA completes welded 1mx6m steel grating in 6~8 minutes thanks to a unique and energy saving transformer design.

  2. Save Labor and Increase Safety

    The pneumatic auto loader accurately positions the twisting bars onto the bearing bars prior to weld.

  3. Stability Means Precision

    The extremely sturdy frame ensures high precision projection welding.
    The heat treated cast iron head is supported by four heavy duty steel columns.
    And the powerful hydraulic transmission provides highly stable vertical motion.

  4. Cooling is Vital to Performance

    The 1500KVA cools transformers exceptionally well.
    The electrode and secondary coils are water cooled.
    The diodes also receive constant cooling from the standard chiller.
    A fan is built in to eliminate condensation and maintain system safety.

  5. Long Life Electrode

    Most welders of this type need to replace the electrode as it erodes at the weld point.
    The electrode on this machine can be re-positioned to increase electrode life.

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